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Privacy Statement and Policies

At Antique Collector, your privacy is very important to us, online and off. We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected in any matter you entrust us.

To this end, and for those who don't actually want to read it in full, our privacy policy can be summarized fairly readily and catagorically:

The Antique Collector site and staff, will never share personal information you've given us with any third party.

Under normal circumstances we will never ask you to reveal any personal information. You are free and welcome to browse back and forth throughout our site and use as many or as few links as you like, completely anonymously.

If you want to take part in various activities that Antique Collector may run from time to time, we may request that you voluntarily supply us with personal information. These activities may include competitions, promotions, surveys, mail offers and online services.
For example, we may ask you for your name, address, telephone number, and (most often just your) email address so that we can administer the contest or promo and notify winners. We use this information for administritive and other purposes that we believe are necessary to maintain, improve and enhance our site and the services we can provide.

Rest assured, we will only ask, on each occasion, for the LEAST information necessary, not the most, and any of these personal details that you share with us will be kept, secure, and in strict confidence.

If you do join up to receive our Newsletter, which will start publication soon, you need only supply an email address. You DO NOT need to tell us your name, home address, or any other personal details. Your Newsletter will continue to be delivered to your specified address until you decide to cancel it or we get notification of continual non delivery.

Note also that your email address has equal standing to any of your other details and is safe with us. Even though Antique Collector partners may provide some Newsletter content, the Newsletter is compiled "in house" with content provided. The content providers know how many subscribers receive the information they supply, but not who those subscribers are. They cannot therefore, email you direct from anywhere on or off our site, nor can they access any personal information.

If you decide to "Bookmark" us or add this site to your Favourites list, what this does is place our URL link on your machine so you can quickly come back again. For example; Rest your cursor over this link and look at your status bar The Internet Address. A similar link is placed in your Favourites File and means you can return with just one click. This action is really no different from any other link in your "History" file. It just means you have chosen to place the link where you can easily find it again.

A word about "Cookies". Cookies are small byte size pieces of information that are stored on the web browser (cookies file) of your computer. Antique Collector does not place cookies on your machine.

All over our site you'll see ways to contact us. Your input and points of view are the best way for us to respond to what you want to gain from your visit. Please feel confident to write to us and tell us what you think. We do not collect or store e-mail addresses of people who communicate with us. Obviously we do store the e-mail addresses of Newsletter subscribers until such time as they decide to cancel their subscription.

Other than to receive the requested information or an answer to your email, when you contact us, you will never/can never receive unsolicited email from anyone else as a direct result of communicating with us, as none of your information is made available outside of Antique Collector.

We are always very eager for you to recommend our site to a friend and when on site there are opportunities for you to do just that. The e-mail auto launch facility is preset and goes directly to the e-mail address you specify from your computer, bypassing Antique Collector altogether. We therefore have no knowledge of, or access to, these e-mail addresses, unless, of course, your friends later sign up for the Newsletter or otherwise contact us themselves.

Note that Antique Collector will not send you any unsolicited information, including e-mail, unless you have indicated your willingness to receive such information, by signing up for it, ie: The Newsletter.
I've always believed these things should be as easy to get out of, if you want to, as they were to join. Sadly not always the case on some sites. You can easily unsubscribe for any of these services by simply replying to the unsubscribe URL or mailto at the end of every submission.

Equally, if you find you have received anything from us in error, (pranksters sometimes sign up friends for all sorts of freebies as a joke) either e-mail us or reply to the unsubscribe Mailto: address at the end of each submission, and you won't hear from us again.

A note to Children and Parents

Children: Please do not sign up to receive anything that your parents don't know about, either on our site or anyone elses.
Parents: Your children are perfectly safe with us. There is absolutely nothing on our site that should cause them offence or harm. If you find your children are on our newsletter list, either by accident or on purpose, and object to this, please unsubscribe in the usual way.

We want you to feel confident in the Antique Collector environment, to feel free to express yourself, and have a fulfilling shopping/browsing experience with our partners.

This privacy statement isn't just about words and promises, here at Antique Collector, IT IS LAW and is taken very seriously indeed! Please feel free to interact fully with Antique Collector and Thank You for trusting us to act in a responsible manner.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy,or if there is anything else we can do to protect your privacy further, please email us at
For all other comments, queries or views about our website, please email us at the Helpdesk link below. Thank You!


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