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For two centuries, before the days of 24 hour news and weather, the barometer had been an indispensable part of travel and sail, and an integral part of British domestic family life, on the farm as well as in the city. As an essential tool in agriculture, the barometer meant the farmer had good warning of high temperatures and heavy downpours, high winds and drought. This enabled him to plant crops, gather harvest, make hay or make decisions about any other part of rural life.

There are several types; Mercury wheel barometers, banjo aneroid barometers, stick/fortin barometers, round aneroid barometers, barographs, pocket aneroids and desk barometers. Throughout the 19th Century increasing demand generated a growing need for mass-production. Mahogany was used until around 1860 when rosewood and walnut became fashionable in many Victorian households. From the 1880s oak cases became very popular in the spacious hallways of the growing middle classes.

antique barometers and instruments

The History of the Barometer
W E Knowles Middleton
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In his complete history of the barometer, the author documents the instrument's various permutations, the history of the scientific principles involved and the scientists who either helped or hindered progress, along with the experiments, controversies and refinements.

by Anita McConnell
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Many people consult a barometer before going out, to see what the weather is likely to be. Barometers measure the general pressure of the atmosphere, which changes with the weather: falling pressure generally heralds rain; rising pressure predicts fine weather. The simple mercury barometer originated in seventeenth century Italy and was soon copied in France and Britain.

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Hardcover: 388 pages
Publisher: Antique Collectors' Club Ltd; Rev Ed edition (1 Mar 1977)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0902028529
ISBN-13: 978-0902028524
Dimensions: 28.6 x 22.9 x 3.2 cm

English Barometers, 1680-1860
by Nicholas Goodison
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Clocks offer a combination of usefulness and beauty, and have been central features of many homes since the 17th century. The large number of items shown for each type means a collector is more than likely to find something similar to what they are trying to match or identify. Special features provide additional historical and collecting information.

Miller's Clocks and Barometers Buyer's Guide Judith H. Miller
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Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World: Complete 21st Century Edition
by Brian Loomes
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The standard reference source for watchmakers and clockmakers, collectors, dealers, museums, historians and libraries the world over. Thoroughly updated and revised by Brian Loomes in this twenty-first century edition, and now contains information on about 90,000 makers working between the late sixteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Saloon Barometer
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They have hefty solid cast brass casings, scuttle clamps, bevelled glass fronts and brass hands with black subsidiary indicators on light cream faces. The movements are silvered aneroid. They have stainless steel aneroid movements showing millibars and inches of mercury. Outside diameter 9", face diameter 5.5", depth 2.25".

Technical Details
More accurate than many a weatherman!
19th. C. style instrument, decorative as well as interesting.
Sand-cast brass

Large Captain's Ship Barometer
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842 Standard Series pressed brass cases (each 95mm diameter dial 70mm depth of case 50mm) mounted on polished board with brass corners.

Mounted Barometer & Thermometer/Hygrometer View UK   View USA
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