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For Sale - Black Marble Clock circa 1895

Black marble clock with Japy Freres movement.
Very Heavy! Constructed from solid sheets of marble.
    Subnote: I've had email enquiries about the weight. It is 12.1kg or 26lb 10oz total weight.
Four contrasting marble columns and trim.
French black marble clock (c.1895). Victorian timepiece with a quality French movement.
The dial is inscribed with S.Hoefler & Co. Paris.
Works, but a new owner will want a service or clean to increase longevity and function.
Price: 120.00

Item location: Cheddar, Somerset.
You may either pay by BACS prior to collecting them, or bring cash on the day. Pretty pointless talking about postal options here I think, don't you? Someone from the USA wanted to buy it and so I weighed it and priced up shipping by Fedex to the US. The bill was going to be nearly 130 just for shipping.

Please email if you are interested in this item or wish to make an offer.

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Black Marble Clock Black Marble Clock Back of Clock Japy Freres Stamp

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