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For Sale - Clock by the British United Clock Co. Ltd

Brass surround clock by the British United Clock Company Ltd, C.1895.
The dial shows a cherub on a cycle, being towed by two dragonflies.
50mm dial, 65mm brass ring, 180mm width overall. Bevelled glass.
Registered number: 146329
Writing on the back says: Patented in Great Britain and France. Manufactured by the British United Clock Co.Ltd. Birmingham, England.
Price: 99.00 A curiously pleasing piece.

Item location: Cheddar, Somerset.
You may either pay by BACS prior to collecting them, or bring cash on the day. If you have seen all you need to make the buying decision, I will check the postal costs for you, add this to the price agreed and you can again pay by BACS. Once confirmed, I will send the items to your home address.

Please email if you are interested in these items or wish to make an offer.

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