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Do you need help researching an antique you've inherited, bought or found?

I get around 15 email requests a day asking for help in identifying a piece of pottery, or an item of furniture, or a rusty coin from ancient china. Sometimes this work can take hours, pouring through books, contacting a friend in the trade who specializes in certain antiques, looking things up on the internet. Not to mention the fact that many of these letters have monsterously large pictures attached to them, often hopelessly out of focus and of no use whatsoever.

Up to now, I've been only too happy to help, and those where I can simply say, that's a Doulton, 1920's, by such and such an artist, or that clock is French with a Japy Freres movement, from whenever, will get a quite speedy reply. But others, can take a great deal of investigation, which is time consuming, and may take shorts bursts of time over several days or even weeks.

I only mention this, as I'm inviting someone, anyone, to do the maths.
15 requests a day, at an average of 2 hours research time = 30hrs. Now I don't know about other people, but there are only 24 hours in any of my days. The point is, not one person has ever said; Phil, can I offer you something to cover your time spent? Not once.
Which should go someway toward explaining why, on occasions, some of you didn't get a reply.

As a consequence of that, I'm afraid I can't do this for free anymore.

I'm very happy to help in anyway I can, though heaven knows, some of this research goes way beyond the call of duty, and there are times when it is difficult to find anything useful to report back. So the effort will go in, but a guarantee of finding out all of what you want to know about an item, cannot be offered.

Please pay the fee of 39.99 per item, BEFORE sending a request, or any pictures. If I cannot help you, I will issue an immediate refund, by the same method. The button below will connect you. Thanks for your understanding.

To make your payment, Click Here >>>

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