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The number of stolen antiques that end up on the second hand market is staggering. Car boot sales, Ebay, Gumtree, TradeIt and all the other places, as well as legitimate antiques fairs, are rife with stolen property. Most burglars rely on the fact that it will be snapped up and gone before you even realize it's missing sometimes. And moving precious items from one end of the country to another has, in the past, given some degree of anonymity. But not any longer!

The internet has largely negated this avenue of disposal because of it's international and instant nature, but we could still do more. Now, provided you have taken the precaution of taking lots of good quality photos of your property, you can place them here in the hope that someone will spot them and call Crime Stoppers, who will liaise with the police in returning your stolen treasures.

For a small administration fee, I will create you a webpage with your pictures and description to give the general public, antique dealers and traders, the prior knowledge that the person bringing them this 'once in a lifetime bargain' may be coercing them into receiving stolen goods. Every antiques trader I know would prefer to avoid this situation, and even to go further, by bringing down the people who give the trade a bad name.

Want to know more? Click here >>> Recover my Stolen Antiques.

The British people are going Antique crazy!!!
Antiques are no longer the preserve of the rich and famous. And, that could well be their own fault! Television, with its plethora of interior and exterior design programs, and magazine articles, with pictures, of the homes and property of the well-to-do, have given the average consumer, the desire, knowledge and willingness to go out there and recreate the look and feel of a period from early history. The right knowledge and a keen pair of eyes, gives any of us the opportunity Antiques Multi Image @ to become a private collector, of just about anything we can think of, and from any time in history.

With the proliferation of TV programs like The Antiques Roadshow, Bargain Hunt, Flog It and now Cash In The Attic, antiques, it seems are everywhere and for everyone. As the stock market takes another slide, demand for top of the range antiques is at an all time high, keeping prices up, so that investors can spread some of their risk.

But if your sights are a little lower, there is very much to choose from, with some modest prices nowadays, for even the most exquisite pieces. Maybe the sheer number of antique sites online, or the number of auctions that one can take part in have something to do with it. If nothing else it will have the inevitable effect of keeping prices at a realistic level, at least for the time being.

Whether you're a golfer, fisherman, vintage car driver, culture buff, sailor, power shopper, or connoisseur of fine antiques, Antique Collector offers an incredible selection of hand picked books, articles and shops, that aim to please the most demanding buyer and browser.

Even if you are unable to afford the same calibre of luxury antiques as those on the ends of the telephones at the local auctions, it certainly doesn’t hurt, or cost anything, to learn about the quality of fine pottery and furniture. The more you know about the craftsmanship and styles, the techniques and designers, that created these beautiful works of art, the better you’ll be at spotting a 'good 'un' during your own antique hunting adventures.

We are proud to present this huge collection of antique and specialist books by UK and world authors.

Here you can happily browse through Britain's finest selection of antique books, and purchase them in the comfort of your own home, usually for immediate dispatch.

Many of the books on Antique Collector are specialist books, written by authors who have accumulated vast amounts of information and expertise over many years.

Antique Collector covers the whole spectrum of antiques with sections which include Books, Bronzes, Optical Equipment, Furniture, Clocks, Coins, Earthenware, Textiles, Figurines, Glass, Household, Jewellery, Lighting, Militaria, Pictures and Prints, Porcelain, Pottery, Silver & Gold, Collectable Bears, Toys, Metal, Wood and Writing.

We hope you enjoy using our site and find what you're looking for. I always enjoy hearing from visitors so please

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