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Recover Your Stolen Antiques on Antique Collector

Recover Your Stolen Antiques With Antique Collector

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please go now and take photographs of all your precious antique items. It's okay, I'll wait..... Now transfer them to your computer and upload them to some webspace, your cloud space, or burn to a disc. Mark the disc and keep it somewhere safe. Thank you. If you take this simple precaution and the worst should happen, you have a visual record, and proof of ownership. A good picture is better than a 1000 word description.

There is very little worse than having your precious antiques fall into the hands of robbers. If you have suffered a burglary and lost something precious, provided you have taken photographs of the item, the burglar is at a disadvantage, because you can now prove ownership and the world can help you find it again.

Send me the details of your antique item, and we can put them here for the world to find.

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How do I make this work for me and how do I get my property back?
a.) When the police attend they will issue you a Crime Reference Number (CRN) for your insurance company. This is also the number you use to make enquiries of the police about the progress they are making.

b.) Write a description of the item. Include as many details as you can, including: the manufacturer, approximate year or era, the artist, colour, size, any ID numbers, makers marks, cracks, chips or any identifying peculiarities.

c.) Find your photos out or locate them on your computer.

d.) Send all this information to me by .

e.) Pay the small administration fee (11.99) via Paypal. This is just to cover the time taken (approx.1hr) to add your data to the website, and to improve, crop or adjust the pictures for clarity, where necessary.

To make your payment, click here >>>

I will create a webpage with all your details that look like the example pages above. The better the description you provide, the more keywords we will have to bring antique dealers, traders, and public visitors to the site. Hopefully someone will spot your item here and realize they have been offered it in an antique fair, trade show, or their local pub, or seen it on ebay, gumtree, or even at a car boot sale. Remember, it only takes one person to recognize your item, and for them to contact the police or Crime Stoppers and we'll get your property back very soon.

Special Offer: As this is a NEW service for Antique Collector, the first 10 people to apply will be FREE!
Please send in your application now. Thank you.

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